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Choosing the Right Kitesurfing Kite For You

There are so many options when you want to choose your kite and it can get very confusing. In this article I’ll try to help you make the right choice because making the right choice means you’ll have fun kitesurfing instead of being frustrated.

There are 2 types of kites, and these are inflatable and foil kites. Inflatable kites are better for water use, kitesurfing, while foil kites are better used on snow.

Choosing the Right Kitesurfing Kite For You

A low aspect ratio inflatable kite should be the best option gor beginner kitesurfers and the reasons are:

1. They are more stable and they are easy to fly.
2. Since they can be easily depowerd, they are more forgiving.
3. The inflatable kites can be relauched from the water while foil kites will have to be relauched from shore if not relauched in time.
4. With inflatable kites, you get more efficiency from the safety leashes, allowing you to completely depower the kite when needed.

5. Inflatable kites can be used as 4 lines too. Meaning that you can increase/decrease the power while kitesurfing which is a nice feature, in gusty locations especially.

There are three different categories that inflatable kites can be divided into:
– 2 lines, low aspect ratio
– 4 lines, medium aspect ratio
– 4 lines, high aspect ratio

High aspect ratio kites are recommended, in general, only to expreienced kite surfers

Higher aspect ratios, in theory, means better pull for jumps. And, high aspect ratio kites also go upwind better while having a wider wind range. However, high aspect ratio kites require more atention being so fast responsive, a drawback is the fact that they are harder to relaunch.

The best choice for beginners, as I judge, are 2 or 4 lines kites with low aspect ratio. Most 2 line inflatable can also be configured as 4 lines.

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