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A Little History of Baseball

Baseball is probably the most watched sport in America today. The way the game is played by two teams are made up of 9 players each. The pitcher will try to pitch the baseball to the hitter or batter. The pitcher is trying to strike out the batter and with three strikes the batter is out, but the batter can hit the ball. The 8 other people playing with the pitcher are the 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder, right fielder and the catcher who catches the ball that the pitcher throws unless the batter hits the ball.

People will say where the sport was originally started, but the true origin of baseball is here in the good old USA. The game was played here in the early 19th century, but at the time it was all white baseball no other colors could play until 60 and 70 years has come close to where they allowed all players to try and could play if they are good enough.

The National League was formed in 1876 when they start playing baseball. After a greater number of leagues and teams have been added and they began to play more and more of baseball and soon he grew up in what we know today as baseball. With Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez hitting home runs every time up to bat, the players are better but the game is always the same. Maybe they need to start making the biggest fields, it makes it more difficult for good players to get a large number of home runs.

After the world wars baseball is a sport around the world and everybody wanted to play. At that time, there were so many teams that they could have a world baseball series that did not start later on the road. There were baseball teams from all over the world, as Puerto Rico, Cuba, Netherlands, Australia, Africa, South Africa, Europe, England, Great Brittan, anywhere you might think as a country, it was a baseball team so how popular baseball was after the world wars ended. If you want to play all you had to be done in the days go try and if you could run and catch the ball with ease and actually hit the ball when you batted going to be on the team.

That’s how it was back in those days, they just wanted the players to enable them to each player and other teams have something to talk about it every day. At that time everything that you hear about all day was baseball. Now, today all you hear is news about the war in Iraq and occasionally to talk about baseball. The major speech on baseball at the moment is the question of steroids.

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